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About Poland in Finnish

Tuesday 06 November 2007 at 2:35 pm About Poland in FinnishThe new timo.herd.fi/puola pages have been designed to provide information about Poland using the Finnish language.

Osoitteesta timo.herd.fi/puola löytyy uusi Puola-aiheinen sivu. Sen tarkoituksena on koota yhteen netistä löytyvää suomenkielistä Puola-materiaalia ja toimia tietolähteenä Puolasta kiinnostuneille ja/tai sinne matkaaville.


Alter Ego

Friday 02 November 2007 at 1:53 pm Alter EgoAlter Ego is a classic game from the '80s that lets you live your life over and over again, covering the whole lifespan from the birth to the death in 30-60 minutes. Created by Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D., the game faces you with various situations ranging from meeting another baby when you're just a toddler, to surviving school bullies, to courting your first girl/boyfriend, to adult problems such as alcohol, family issues, depressed friends, both material and immaterial losses, and so on. During the process you will learn a lot about human interaction, causes of certain behaviour, and - hopefully - yourself.

The game is now also playable online on your Internet Explorer of FireFox - free of charge! Point your browser towards www.theblackforge.net and enjoy!

Selected videos

Friday 02 November 2007 at 10:38 am Timo.herd.fi now features a separate page for selected videos where I can post all the video clips that I have found funny, strange, wierd, stunning, mind-blowing, etc.

The video page can be found at the address timo.herd.fi/video. Have a look!


via timo.herd.fi/video

34. Mark Gungor on Men's Brains vs Women's Brains
Mark Gungor is an American priest known for his sense of humour and his ability to explain the stagge…
33. The Danish Poet
The Danish Poet is a sweet Norwegian story of love and fate. This 15 minute long cartoon is directed …
32. Big Buck Bunny
Big Buck Bunny is a brilliantly animated story of a giant bunny rabbit, who saves his beloved butterf…
31. I Met the Walrus
"In 1969, the 14-year old boy Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape recorder, snuck into John…
30. Waltari - In the Cradle
Waltari is a jurassic Finnish band I have never really bothered with. However, I happened to stumble …